Ampharos V (171/185) (CGC 10 Gem Mint)

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Unleash your creativity with this electrifying art piece featuring the dazzling Ampharos V Pokémon card! Rated Gem Mint 10 by CGC Universal Grade, this vivid and vibrant card from the 2020 Vivid Voltage set (171/185) will spark inspiration as you create your very own masterpiece.

Project Highlights:
- Create a stunning art piece inspired by the powerful Ampharos V and its eye-catching attacks, Dazzle Blast and Damaging Spark.
- Pay tribute to the card's captivating artwork by artist PLANETA Mochiuki.
- Showcase the unique features of Ampharos V, such as its confusion-inducing ability, weakness multiplier, and V-rule, which rewards your opponent with double prize cards when knocked out.
- Incorporate the card's retreat cost and resistance to create a dynamic, action-packed scene.

Gather your art materials, channel your inner Pokémon Trainer, and let the electrifying energy of Ampharos V guide you in this fun and imaginative project. Don't forget to share your creations with fellow Pokémon fans and art enthusiasts!