Cats vs Pickles - Purple Wave Mystery Surprise Plush Toy

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Dive into a world of cuddly fun with our Cats vs Pickles - Purple Wave Mystery Surprise Bag! This whimsical collection features small, bean-filled plush toys with a unique twist - cats who fear pickles, and pickles who just want some love. Great for kids of all ages, these super-soft plushies are perfect for sensory play, stress reduction, travel companions, and more! Will you choose Team Cat or Team Pickle?


1. Single Surprise Bag: Each purchase includes one mystery bag, offering a thrilling surprise as you discover which adorable plush toy from the Purple Wave set awaits inside.

2. Super-Soft Tactile Feel: Our Cats vs Pickles plushies are made with high-quality materials, providing a soft, cuddly texture that's perfect for sensory play and stress reduction.

3. Collectible Fun: The Purple Wave set offers a variety of unique cat and pickle characters to collect, making it a delightful challenge to find your favorites and complete the series.

4. Perfect for All Ages: With their charming designs and comforting feel, Cats vs Pickles plush toys make excellent study buddies, travel companions, and comforting pets for children and adults alike.

5. Team Cat or Team Pickle: Choose your side in the playful world of Cats vs Pickles, where lovable pickles chase after colorful cats in a never-ending game of fun and friendship.

Note: Please be advised that orders of more than one mystery bag may contain duplicate characters. Embrace the excitement of the unknown and start your Cats vs Pickles collection today!