Mew ex 88/92 (CGC Universal Grade 9)

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Introducing the dazzling Mew ex Pokémon card from the 2021 Celebrations Classic Collection! With a breathtaking pink background that captures the essence of Mew's mystique, this card is graded a remarkable 9 Mint by CGC Universal Grade.

As an enchanting addition to your Pokémon collection, Mew eX (EX Legend Maker, 88/92) boasts an outstanding 90 HP, making it a powerful force in any Pokémon battle. Illustrated by the talented Ryo Ueda, Mew's captivating charm and elegance are showcased in every brushstroke.

Mew eX's Fake Body ability, Versatile, sets it apart from the rest, allowing it to use the attacks of all Pokémon in play as its own - talk about a strategic advantage! Just remember, you'll still need the necessary Energy to utilize each attack.

But wait, there's more! Mew eX's Power Move lets you search your deck for an Energy card and attach it to Mew eX, shuffling your deck afterward. Plus, you can switch Mew eX with one of your Benched Pokémon for added versatility.

With a retreat cost of just one Energy, this majestic Mew eX card is a must-have for collectors and players alike. Don't miss your chance to add this spectacular piece to your Pokémon collection, and experience the true power of Mew eX!