Mewtwo EX 103/108 (Beckett Grade 8)

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Elevate your Pokemon card collection with this stunning 2016 Evolutions Mewtwo EX Full Art Ultra Rare trading card, professionally graded by Beckett (CGC) and encapsulated in a protective case. This highly sought-after card features the legendary Psychic-type Pokemon, Mewtwo, in a striking full art design that captures its fierce power and mystique.

Grading Details:
- Centering: 9.5
- Edges: 9
- Corners: 9
- Surface: 8
- Overall Grade: Near Mint-Mint (NM-MT)

Key Features:
- Card number: #103
- HP: 680
- Type: Psychic
- Abilities:
- Energy Absorption: Attach an Energy card from your discard pile to this Pokemon.
- Regeneration: Heal 60 damage from this Pokemon.
- Psyburn: Inflict massive damage to your opponent's Pokemon.
- Weakness: Psychic (x2)
- Pokemon-EX Rule: When a Pokemon-EX is knocked out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

This rare Mewtwo EX card is a must-have for serious collectors and fans of the iconic Pokemon franchise. Its high-quality grading and visually stunning design make it a valuable addition to any collection. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Pokemon history with this remarkable 2016 Evolutions Mewtwo EX Full Art Ultra Rare trading card!