Pikachu VMAX (SWSH062) (CGC Universal Grade 9)

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Add a stunning piece to your Pokémon card collection with this rare Pikachu VMAX Black Star Promo card (SWSH062) from the 2021 Celebrations Figure collection. This card has been graded by CGC Universal Grade, receiving an impressive Mint 9 rating, ensuring its excellent condition and quality.

Key Features:

- Pokémon: Pikachu VMAX, an iconic and powerful Pokémon that evolves from Pikachu V
- Card Type: Gigantamax, with a massive HP of 310
- Attack: G-Max Volt Tackle, a powerful move dealing base 120+ damage, with the option to discard all Energy for an additional 150 damage
- Weakness: x2 (listed resistance)
- Retreat Cost: 4 Energy
- VMAX Rule: When this Pokémon VMAX is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 3 Prize cards
- Illustrator: PLANETA Mochizuki, lending their artistic talent to create a captivating card design
- Graded by CGC Universal Grade as Mint 9, ensuring the card's pristine condition and high quality
- Official 2021 Pokémon / Nintendo / Creatures / GAME FREAK release

Upgrade your Pokémon deck or display this Pikachu VMAX card with pride, knowing it's a rare gem among Pokémon card collectors. The stunning artwork by PLANETA Mochizuki, combined with its powerful Gigantamax form and impressive CGC grading, makes this card a must-have for any enthusiast. Don't miss the chance to own this outstanding piece of Pokémon history!