Pokémon (Sitting on the Edge) Blind Box

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    Add a touch of whimsy and surprise to your collection with our Mystery Blind Box, featuring one "sitting on the edge" figure! You'll receive one of six unique and charming styles, randomly selected to keep the excitement alive as you unveil your new treasure.

    Each "sitting on the edge" figure is expertly designed and crafted, making it the perfect addition to your shelf, desk, or display case. These delightful figures can be perched on the edge of any surface, adding a fun and playful vibe to your space.

    The Mystery Blind Box is perfect for collectors who love the thrill of the unknown, as well as those who enjoy adorable and captivating designs. Collect all six styles to complete the set and bring an extra touch of joy to your surroundings.

    - One "sitting on the edge" figure per Mystery Blind Box
    - Six unique and charming styles to collect
    - Randomly selected style for added excitement and surprise
    - Perfect for display on shelves, desks, and other surfaces
    - Great for collectors and fans of whimsical designs

    Take a chance on our Mystery Blind Box and discover the charming "sitting on the edge" figure waiting to brighten up your space. Order yours today and enjoy the thrill of uncovering a delightful new addition to your collection!