Professor Oak 24/25 (CGC Universal Grade 9)

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Introducing the highly sought-after CGC Universal Grade Mint Professor's Research Pokémon card from the 2021 Celebrations collection! This exceptional card, featuring the iconic Professor Oak, is a must-have for Pokémon enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Key Features:

- CGC Universal Grade: This card has been officially graded as Mint by CGC, ensuring its pristine condition and long-lasting value.

- Celebrations Edition: As part of the 2021 Celebrations series (024/025), this card commemorates the Pokémon franchise's rich history and is a perfect addition to any collection.

- Trainer Card: Professor's Research is a powerful Trainer card with a valuable Supporter function, allowing players to discard their hand and draw 7 new cards, providing a strategic edge during gameplay.

- Iconic Artwork: The card features stunning artwork by renowned Pokémon illustrator Ken Sugimori, capturing the essence of the wise Professor Oak.

- Officially Licensed: Produced by The Pokémon Company International, this card is an authentic and valuable addition to your Pokémon collection.

Elevate your Pokémon card collection with the CGC Universal Grade Mint Professor's Research card from the 2021 Celebrations series, and take your gameplay to the next level with this powerful and strategic Trainer card. Don't miss out on this limited edition gem - catch it while you can!