Shining Celebi SM79 (PSA 9)

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Introducing the Rare and Vibrant Shining Celebi Holo Pokemon Card – A Time-Traveling Treasure for Collectors and Enthusiasts Alike!

Get ready to dive into the mystical world of Pokemon with our mesmerizing Shining Celebi Holo Promo Card, featuring the enchanting Time Travel Pokemon. This limited edition SM Black Star #SM79 card from the 2017 S.L. SPR.PREM.COLL collection is a must-have for any true Pokemon fan!

Graded MINT 9 by the experts and adorned with an eye-catching sticker, this card showcases the breathtaking artwork of Sanosuko Sakumo. The radiant holographic finish brings Celebi to life, as if it's about to flutter right off the card!

The magical Ability Time Recall lets each of your evolved Pokemon use any attack from its previous Evolutions, adding an exciting and strategic twist to your battles. Plus, the powerful Leaf Step attack delivers a solid 30 damage to your opponents.

Not only does this card boast impressive in-game prowess, but it also offers a captivating backstory. Shining Celebi wanders across time, bringing flourishing grass and trees to the forests it graces with its presence. A true testament to the power and allure of nature!

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Pokemon history. Enhance your collection, dazzle your friends, and harness the power of time travel with the stunning Shining Celebi Holo Pokemon Card. Catch it now before it slips away into the annals of time!