Ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Collection: 100 Random Cards

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Unleash the duelist within you with our Ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh Card Collection, featuring 100 random cards from various sets and editions! This eclectic mix is perfect for expanding your collection, discovering new strategies, and enhancing your dueling experience. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, you'll find a great addition to your deck in this card assortment.


1. 100 Random Cards: Each pack includes a mix of monster, spell, and trap cards, ensuring a versatile and dynamic selection to improve your game.

2. Authentic and High-Quality: All cards are genuine Konami products, guaranteeing top-notch quality and compatibility with official Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments and events.

3. Wide Variety: Cards are curated from multiple sets and editions, providing a diverse range of strategies, themes, and archetypes for you to explore.

4. Great Value: This collection offers an affordable way to enhance your deck, perfect for both casual players and avid collectors.

5. Perfect Gift: The Ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh Card Collection makes an excellent gift for fans of the franchise, bringing a sense of excitement and surprise to any occasion.

Note: As this product contains a random assortment of cards, duplicates may occur. Card conditions may vary from near mint to lightly played.